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History and recent activities

History and recent activities

History from 1994 on:

Before the start of my company, I was working in a company founded by my father brother and myself (Visser Recycling Techniek BV). After this experience I worked for Metallo Chimique International NV and van Balkom Non-Ferro Scheiding BV.

By the end of 1994 I founded Levimet VOF, my first step was trying to survive in a very competitive market, to achieve this I continued business relations which I started in the past and bought and sold metals on a commission bases. In May 1995 I started working as a consultant/buyer for the “Robinson Group LTD” in Newcastle upon Tyne which is now part of EMR.


Through several years working experience in this line of business, I was specifically specialised in shredded non-ferrous residues, suitable for a Heavy Media plant and started buying this product for the Robinson Group since they operated such a plant. In the same time I never stopped my trading activities, which always guaranteed my independent status. In May 1998 I was challenged by the possibility to assist and later after the commercial director left the company manage the commercial department of Huron Valley Europe NV in Overpelt Belgium.


Since June of 2003 I tll 2010 I was mainly working with Malco France, which name has been changed in GDE-NF and later into Ecore, assisting in the sales of their shredded products, to the “far east” for handsorting. Next to this I am expanding my activities with several other partners not only in commercial matters but also consulting in matters like trans-frontier shipments in which sometimes notification procedures have to be started and solutions are worked out with the authorities.

In 2005 we extended the tonnage of raw material sourced at the several suppliers, and sold it direct in the far east marketplace. This created a better and more independent status towards our existing contractors.

Mainly because of this and the bigger risks involved with the higher volumes traded, we decided in 2007 to convert our VOF into two separate companies and in 2010 a third company;

  1.  Levimet BV, in which all activities concerning contacts between selling and demanding parties are being maintained in a discrete and unique way.
  2. Levimet Export BV, in which all trading activities are done and in which most important issues like service and quick payment are of the highest priority.
  3. Levimet Trading BV, In this company we mainly trade the metals within the European Union. After founding this company in 2010 we concentrated our export of metals outside the European Union in Levimet Export BV

Recent activities,

Activities form 2010 till now, are unchanged and we are still active in the Asian market in which we see some change of the material flows between the different regions also outside China.